What’s the idea

The basic idea is to present people who are pedophiles and live their lives without sexual contact with children. They can introduce themselves here in short texts and - if they wish - let off steam artistically on a PDF page. In this way, we want to portray responsible pedophiles from all over the world who want to step out of the oppressive shadows of discrimination and misinformation and show the world that they too are human beings and not shadowy creatures without sense or reason.

For obvious reasons this has to happen without really outing oneself and exposing oneself to hatred and discrimination even in a person's closest social surroundings.

Our aim is to make up an online gallery of PDF-documents that provides:

publishing an anonymised short self intro like the ones on Gemeinsam statt allein in the section "Vorstellungen der Mitglieder". Nationality and gender are published along with the introduction and we would be happy if everyone would add some more data like a pseudonym or his or her affiliation to some organisation that appears worth mentioning here.

he possibility to design a PDF-page oneself as an issue of self expression. There is no limit for the content you choose except for the size of the pages and a few rules that sum up under presenting nothing that hurts other peoples rights and so on.


The inspiration for this project comes from the AIDS Memorial Quilt: a giant blanket made of thousands of pieces, each for one person who died of AIDS. The problem with AIDS was, that many communities gave no real funerals and graves to people who died of AIDS. So other people started to make quilts for them instead and sew them together to a giant blanket.

"It officially started in 1987 in San Francisco […] At that time many people who died of AIDS-related causes did not receive funerals, due to both the social stigma of AIDS felt by surviving family members and the outright refusal by many funeral homes and cemeteries to handle the deceased's remains." (Source: Wikipedia)

Today, pedophiles face similar discrimination with similar results. Also the burden of this sexual inclination and the social ostracism connected to it, have already killed several people.

Our gallery shall have a similar function like the quilt: each patch is a PDF-document showing some piece of the life of a person who lives a good life facing one of the most serious paraphilias in the world—pedophilia. The decision to never hurt kids is starting to walk a rocky path that usually makes life harder—much harder—but in most cases much more beautiful and happy. For we decided to never hurt the ones we love!