About us

Almost all of us are only listed here under pseudonyms because we have to fear total exclusion if the paedophiles among us were to make their tendency known. It is also significant and worth thinking about that even those who are not paedophiles themselves but confess that there are people who, despite their paedophilic tendencies, do not commit abuse and do not want to commit abuse! We are...

I am Markus, 32 years old and the administrator of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V. I have been involved for some time and the revision of Shadows Project was a big concern for me. Max Weber was instrumental in setting up this project together with other supporters. The project has been dormant for a long time and is now being continued in order to achieve the originally conceived goal. Namely, to give people a voice so that they can step out of the shadows.

Although the page was changed during the revision, it still contains all the texts. Out of respect for the past work, the new presence of Shadow's project should also reflect the past. We are...

Leon S. Kennedy - male, around 30, not a paedophile. A computer-loving man who was himself the victim of a sexual assault by a woman as a child. He is the programmer behind the website and has spent a lot of time and energy making it work.

Anton S - Technical Admin of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V.

Markus - Admin of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V.

All three are also involved in the operation of SuH's other projects, such as the forum "Together instead of alone". They have also been involved in the programming and translation of the website:

John Doe (Finnish translation + programming) Rusl (Russian translation) Bruno von Qwerty (Spanish translation) Ethan Edwards (English translation) Nick Devin (English translation) Sammy Jenkis (Programming)