About us

Almost all of us are only listed here under pseudonyms because we have to fear being ostracised and discriminated against if our paedophilia were to become known. It is also significant and worth thinking about that even those who are not paedophiles themselves have to fear the consequences of stigmatisation but admit that there are people who, despite their paedophilia, do not commit abuse and do not want to commit abuse.

I am Markus, 32 years old and administrator of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V. I have been involved for some time and the revision of Shadows Project was a major concern of mine. Max Weber was instrumental in bringing this project to life together with other supporters. The project has been dormant for a long time and is now being continued in order to achieve the original goal. Namely, to give people a platform so that they can step out of the shadows.

Max Weber was the administrator of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V. and its sub-projects for a long time. He left the team in 2022. We would like to thank you for your great work, your enriching ideas and your helpfulness.

Although the page was changed during the revision, it still contains all texts as an archive. Out of respect for the previous work, the new appearance of the Shadow Project should also reflect the past. For this reason we have stuck to the original design of the site. The people listed below were involved in Shadows Project and we would like to thank them.

Leon S. Kennedy - male, around 30, not a paedophile. A computer enthusiast who was himself a victim of sexual assault by a woman as a child. He is the programmer behind the website and has spent a lot of time and energy making it work.

Max Weber - Former administrator of SuH, founder of SuH and Shadows-Project

Markus - Administrator of Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V.

Anton S - Administrator of Schicksal und Herausforderunge e. V.

Also involved in the programming and translation of the website: