Shadows Project's Newsletter

The Shadows Gazette will come to you irregularly and will feature articles about pedophilia and or people who have something important to say regarding pedophilia.

Feb, 27th 2024 - Shadows Project is back online after the revision and will now be updated regularly. The project was on ice for a long time and we are delighted that we can now make this important art project available again.

May, 5th 2015 - The main article of the third issue of our newsletter shows the international character of and of "Dance of Life" describes the life of Matin, a VirPed-member from the Middle East, precisely from Iran. Cultural differences may challenge our concepts of good and bad at times. But this is not about culture, this is about people and the establishment abusing culture: Can you imagine an environment so malicious that even the character of sexual violence as the worst form of violence isn't as clear anymore? Matin dug deep into his diary to bring his story to you. Trigger warning: descriptions of the violence he experienced as a kid may be triggering to some! Another short article introduces to you a pretty unique blog with an urgent topic: What did a woman experience whose husband was caught by the police for owning/trading sexual abuse images? Society seems not to know the principle "Innocent till proven guilty". Read the third issue here (PDF) (HTML-version).

February, 11th 2015 - The second issue of our newsletter features a main article entitled "Could You Spot a Pedophile? - Chances Are, You're Looking at One Right Now" a parody by Todd Nickerson. The article it parodies is "Could you spot a paedophile? Here are the warning signs" by Candace Sutton published in 2013 by The original is so misinformed that it reminds of past decade's stupid anti-homosexual "stranger danger" propaganda and other historical examples of blaming people based on their sexuality, ethnicity or looks. Another article describes Max's experiences of watching the czech documentary film "Daniel's World" about pedophilia at the German film festival Berlinale. Here is the third issue number 2 of the Shadows Gazette (PDF) (HTML-version).

January, 8th 2015 - The first issue has an article about one of the members of the forum Virtuous Pedophiles, Todd Nickerson. He did reveal a lot about his life online. But still there has been one emotionally crushing story he never told. It begins with an extraordinary friendship to an extraordinary woman. Kind of a sad love story but in real life. A story that reminds us how fragile life and love can be. This is Todd's Last Big Secret (PDF) (HTML-version).