Schicksal und Herausforderung e. V. - The only German website of paedophiles known to us that clearly positions itself against sexual contact with children. An information platform with extensive texts on many topics related to paedophilia. Active since 2006, the site now enjoys a good reputation among non-abusive paedophiles, but also among survivors of sexual abuse, therapists and internationally recognised scientists.

Virtuous Pedophiles- A platform from the USA. English-language and equipped with a forum for self-help and the exchange of problems and thoughts related to addiction. Pedophile men and women are welcome here. Individual renowned sexologists are also affiliated to the forum and appreciate this unique community that clearly and unequivocally speaks out against sexual contact with children. But also partners of paedophiles have sought and found help and orientation here.

Gemeinsam statt allein- The German-language forum of the SuH and Shadow Project team was founded in April 2017. It is designed as a self-help forum and is oriented towards the VirPed forum.

Kinder im Herzen (KiH) - collaborative blog portal.

Wir sind auch Menschen (WSAM) - website primarily directed against stigmatisation.

ČEPEK - The "Czech and Slovak Paedophile Community" is a Czech counterpart to VirPed.

Prevention Network The world's first therapy programme specifically aimed at paedophiles who fear committing assaults and do not want to become perpetrators. It started in 2005 at the Charité Berlin and now has several locations in Germany.

Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention - The Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention (ASAP) is an international organisation dedicated to the primary prevention of child sexual abuse. It brings together mental health professionals and self-help groups for people with paedophilia to create a resilient network of support services for people at risk of sexually abusing children.

Save the Children Finland - The Save the Children Finland organisation aims to advocate for children's rights. It offers a self-help programme for people who are concerned about their sexual interest in children. The programme is anonymous and free of charge.

Safe to talk -. Safe to Talk is a programme from New Zealand. It is free offers confidential support for people who have experienced sexual violence or are concerned about their thoughts and behaviours.

Dis No - Dis No is based in Switzerland. It offers anonymous help for people who are worried about their sexual interest in children.

Stop It Now! Stop it Now provides education and help to prevent child sexual abuse.

Prevent It - is an online programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy. It consists of nine modules and can be done at any time of the day. Participants receive personal feedback from a counsellor. It is aimed at participants who are of age and can be taken by people who are known to the police as well as people who have not or have already committed a criminal offence. Participation is free, anonymous and the platform is also accessible via the Tor browser (Onion-Link)