Relaunch of Shadows Project!

This website is in no way intended to trivialise sexual violence, but rather to shine a light on people with paedophilic tendencies who do not commit abuse.

Step out of the shadows! - From what shadow?

What do you think of when you hear the term "paedophilia"? Most people think of child abuse, of children who are forced or seduced into sexual acts, of people who have to live with psychological scars for the rest of their lives. Or people who get off on children and only think about how they can get them to have sex with them. Or activists who demand that sex with children be allowed.

This is exactly the shadow WE want to step out of.

We are people who have discovered our feelings towards children and live responsibly with them. We do not commit abuse and want to protect children from sexual violence.

The problem

A major problem for our society and non-abusive paedophiles: Our problem is little known and the vast majority of people (media included) equate "paedophilia" with sexual abuse. Thanks to this pervasive equation of preference and abuse, someone with paedophilia has to fear severe discrimination if they come out, regardless of whether they commit assaults or not.The consequences of this are that paedophiles who do not want to side with radical paedo activists (circles that more or less approve of sexual contact with children or demand its legalisation) are almost all left to fend for themselves, experience contempt and find it difficult to find help.

It is long overdue for responsible paedophiles to step out of the shadows of those circles that still demand the legalisation of sexual assaults on children and mock victims of sexual abuse! That is what this project aims to achieve. We exist, we are not exactly a few who are taking this path, and we are responsible people.